Business Permits

Various permits are issued through the office of the City Secretary, including solicitor/ peddler itinerant traders, vendors,
livestock permits, and Gameroom permits and dance hall licenses.

Any and all itinerant merchants or street vendors who desire to sell their goods, wares merchandise or services, alongside or adjacent to the streets and alleyways in the City of Lamesa, Texas must register and must obtain a permit from the City Secretary prior to any sale of such goods, wares, merchandise, or services.

Every peddler must obtain a permit to do business within the city and shall display said permit on their person in a place visible. Said permit shall be subject to a registration fee of $150 per company plus one agent and each additional agent shall pay a fee of $50. This fee will expire one year from the date issued.

The city requires any individual, firm, organization, or corporation or their representatives, agents and employees, who engage in the business in the city of selling or offering for sale, any goods or merchandise, or exhibiting the same for sale upon or from a vehicle, any temporary rental space, any temporary vacant lot, or from house to house or place to place or business to business to obtain a permit from the office of the City Secretary.

The form is not valid until the City Secretary and Chief of Police have processed the request

Anyone living within the city limits and wishing to keep livestock on their property must fill a livestock application with the City Secretary. This application must be renewed yearly. The Chief Inspector and State Health Officer will inspect the property and make a recommendation. This application and recommendation will be placed on the City Council agenda for final approval. There is no fee for this application or permit.

City of Lamesa Code of Ordinances 4.02: “Game rooms” Ordinance requires an operator's permit be obtained for any business which operates six (1) or more skill or amusement­ redemption machine.
The license shall at all times be displayed in a conspicuous place within the licensed premises.
In addition, the owner of the machines must pay an annual occupation tax on all machines in the amount of $250 per machine.
Failure to obtain the renewal license within thirty (30) days after expiration may require such person to pay an additional late fee in an equal to fifty (50) percent of the fee.


Anyone who owns a public dance hall must apply with the City Secretary. This dance hall must be inspected by the Chief Inspector, Fire Marshall, and State Health Officer. Upon completion of the inspection, the Chief of Police and City Secretary will process the request. Annual fee of $100


It shall be unlawful for any person to maintain or operate a recreational vehicle park within the corporate limits of the city unless such person holds a valid permit issued by the city. ( Ordinance O-02-15 adopted 1/20/15 ; Ordinance O-23-22 adopted 11/15/2022 )


Authorization granted by the city under the provisions of this article to engage in the wrecker business in the city.