City RV Parking Area

Document (8)Parks & Recreational Facilities Rules

  1. Park facilities are available on a first come first served basis. No reservations are taken.
  2. It is unlawful to:
    • Graze livestock in a park
    • Play golf in or adjacent to a park
    • Ride horses in parks, except on bridle paths
    • Play ball in picnic areas
    • Litter in a park
    • Deface trees or property in a park
    • Display a gun in a park
    • Possess intoxicating liquors in a park
    • Operate a motor vehicle in excess of 20 mph in a park
    • Drive or park on the grass
  3. Free campground use is limited to 4 days. $20/day fee after 4 days.
    • 6 - 30 amp outlets
    • 1- 50 amp outlet
    • Water and sewer dump stations
    • Eight back into sites
RV Campsites - Limited Use

§ 76.043. Limitations Upon Availability and Use.

  • Availability for public use. The campgrounds in city parks shall be open to and for public use at all hours of the day subject to the restrictions provided in this chapter and to such other restrictions due to inclement weather, the condition of the campground, the presentation of special events and like causes, as may be determined by the Park Superintendent.
  • Limitations on use:
    1. Right to limit use reserved. The right to use, or exercise any privilege at or in connection with, any campground in the city parks, is limited by the extent of the facilities available, and there is hereby reserved to the City in the public interest the right to deny any person the use of, or the exercise of, any facilities which are unavailable either because of the absence of such facilities or because existing facilities are then being fully utilized by others.
    2. Use limited to tourists. The campgrounds in the city parks shall be available exclusively for the use of tourists and other visitors to the city and shall not be available for commercial use or for use by any persons plying any vocation or business within the City or County, nor shall same be used by the public as a vehicle parking area, picnic area or general park recreation area without the consent of the Park Superintendent.

§ 76.044. Release of City from Liability or Damages.

  • Use of the campgrounds in the city parks shall be conditioned that, by the acceptance of camping facilities offered in said parks, any and all persons camping in said parks and campgrounds shall be deemed to have released the city fully and completely from any and all damages that may be sustained by such persons camping in said parks and campgrounds. Use of the campgrounds and adjacent park grounds shall constitute acceptance of this release.
§ 76.045. Fees and Limits of Stay.

  • Fees. The following schedule of daily fees or charges for camping in the city parks shall be and such is hereby adopted and established as follows, to-wit:
    1. One to four days No Charge
    2. Every day in excess of four days $20 per day
  • Limits of stay. The maximum length of stay in said campgrounds shall not be more than 10 consecutive days or not more than 12 days in any 30 day period; any requests for extensions on length of stay shall be made to the park superintendent and approved by the city manager.
  • Enforcement and collection of fees. The park superintendent or his agent shall collect all fees and charges and enforce the conditions on a limit of stay.