Community Buildings & Parks

Forrest Park

50 acres
South Houston and South 10th streets
Picnic, playground, volleyball, softball, community building, and camping facilities

Pioneer Park

8 acres
South Second and Avenue O
Picnic, community building, and playground facilities

Webelo Park

7 acres
South Sixth and Avenue K
Soccer and athletic field, picnic, playground, soccer, and softball facilities

Jefferson Park

6 acres
South Sixth and Avenue M
Girl's softball fields and playground

N. 22nd Street Park

7 acres
N. 22nd and AvenueG
Picnic, playground, softball, volleyball, basketball, and swimming pool facilities

N. Ninth Street Park

9 acres
Also known as Boy's Club Lake
N. Ninth and Main Avenue
Picnic, playground, fishing, and baseball facilities

Charles Varner Park

3 acres
N. 23rd and Lynn Avenue
Picnic and playground facilities

Hollis Carver Park

3 acres
S. 15th and Elgin Avenue
Picnic, playground, softball, and basketball facilities.

S. 8th Street Park

4 acres
S. Eighth and Avenue V
Playground and tennis facilities

Seminole Road Tri-Park

15 acres
Seminole Road and Avenue N
Picnic and playground facilities

Plaza on the Square

Downtown on the Corner of Austin and North First
Please contact the Chamber of Commerce for group use of this facility

Akron Street Park

Lamesa's newest park
North Third and Akron
Lamesa Skateboard Par

Forrest Park Community Center

S. 10th and Houston Avenue
170 person capacity

Pioneer Park Community Center

S. Second and Avenue O
87 person capacity