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Prison Pic2.jpgThe Lamesa Fire Department is a combination department with seven paid and up to 30 volunteer positions.

Paid Firefighters
Paid Firefighters are full-time employees of the City of Lamesa. They are divided into three shifts. Each shift is 24 hours long with shift change at 8:00 a.m.

Meet the Firefighters
Name Title Certification Level
Larry Duyck Fire Chief Master FF ECA
Edward Schwartz Assistant Fire Chief/Training Officer  Advanced FF
Jeremy Dawson Firefighter Advanced FF EMT-B
Kevin Henricks Firefighter Basic FF EMT-B
Garrett Wheeler Firefighter Basic FF EMT-B
Jason Wiley Firefighter Basic FF EMT-B
Levi Roberts Firefighter Basic FF EMT-B
Chris Staudt  P/T Firefighter Advanced FF EMT-P
Jamie Pierce P/T Firefighter Advanced FF EMT-B
Joey Parks P/T Firefighter Basic FF EMT-B
Joseph Enriquez P/T Firefighter Basic FF  EMT-B 

The Volunteer Department is made up of many individuals who care to give their time and energy to protect the citizens of our area. Some are self employed and others are employees of local businesses.

We appreciate all of the local businesses that allow Volunteer Firefighters to respond during business hours.

Volunteer Firefighter Officers
Name Title
Steven Archer Volunteer Fire Chief
Paul Sanchez Assistant Volunteer Fire Chief
Carey White Captain Company 1
Brian beck Captain Company 2
Emilio Barrientes Secretary \ Treasurer
Leroy Vela Training Officer
Jason Wiley Sgt. At Arms
Kevin Furlow Reporter

Volunteer Firefighters
Steven Archer Mark Lingar
Tyler Archer Sergio Mejia
Emilio Barrientes Steven Phillips
Brian Beck Joey Rivas
David Bennett Ronald Roberson
Jerry Cagle Chris Rose
Lupre Delafuentes Paul Sanchez
Kevin Furlow Sam Sifuentes
Chris Gonzales Greg Teague
Chris Hernandez Riyan Teague
Juan Hinojosa Wesley Turner
Cody Hogg Leroy Vela
 Alvin Jarrett Cary White
Jason Wiley