Request for Proposals





I.          IN GENERAL


The City of Lamesa, Texas is seeking an agricultural lease of farmland to be used for the disposal of treated domestic wastewater effluent. The lease shall require the growing of alfalfa on approximately 150 acres with an application rate of effluent not to exceed 4.0 acre-feet per year per acre irrigated overall. 


A.        Project Description

1.         Location of land.         The land to be leased is located adjacent to the City of Lamesa's wastewater treatment plant. See attached map for exact location of property.

2.         Amount of land to be farmed. Approximately 132 to 150 acres.

3.         Scope of Project.         The person leasing the land shall grow an alfalfa crop on the designated land utilizing treated wastewater from the City's wastewater treatment plant at a rate to be determined by the City's wastewater treatment plant permit.

4.         City's responsibility.    The City is responsible for maintaining the existing pump and pipeline from the holding ponds to the property. The City will work with the lessee in sustaining an appropriate pump and flow capacity.

B.        General Conditions of Lease.

1.         Preparation of land for planting.         The person leasing the land shall be responsible for preparing the land for planting.

2.         Planting of alfalfa crop.          The person leasing the land shall be responsible for planting alfalfa on the specified land. No other crop shall be planted without permission of the City Manager. A cover crop to get alfalfa stared is permissible.

3.         Irrigation of alfalfa crop.        The person leasing the land shall be responsible for operating the irrigation system at times and at rates of application that are within the parameters set by the City's wastewater treatment plant permit. Irrigation activities shall be coordinated with the City's Director of Utilities and the wastewater treatment plant operator.

4.         Harvesting of alfalfa crop.      The person leasing the land shall be responsible for harvesting and marketing the crop.

C.        Special Conditions of Lease.

  1. Farming activities must be continuous with special emphasis on producing alfalfa crops during the winter/low natural evaporation months of the year.
  2. Irrigation practices shall be in compliance with the City's TCEQ permit no. 10107-01, and shall be designed and managed so as to prevent ponding of effluent or contamination of ground and surface waters and to prevent the occurrence of nuisance conditions in the area. Tailwater control facilities shall be provided as necessary to prevent the discharge of any wastewater from the irrigated land.
  3. Wastewater shall not be applied for irrigation during rainfall events or when the ground is frozen or saturated.
  4. Application rate shall not exceed 4.0 acre-feet per year per acre irrigated overall. Records shall be maintained to show the volume of effluent applied as irrigation water. The authorized disposal of treated domestic wastewater effluent shall not exceed a daily average flow of 1.88 million gallons per day (MGD) via irrigation. .   The City shall be responsible for determining application rates.
  5. User agrees to dispose of a minimum of 350 acre/feet, but not more than 560 acre/feet of treated domestic water per year subject to availability.  Total disposal cannot exceed 4.0 acre/feet per acre per year.  In order for User to meet the requirements of this agreement, the City shall provide, install, maintain and read a device to record the volume of treated domestic water disposed by the User.  This record is to be the official record and will serve to determine the actual quantity of water that is being disposed of by user.  If User does not agree with the records kept by this device, the User, at his own expense, is entitled to have the accuracy of the recording device checked by an appropriate company providing such services.   The City shall consider its metering device accurate if it is within +/- 2% of a competent company's calibration.
  6. Irrigation by effluent shall be accomplished only when the area specified is not in use.
  7. Acceptance of the lease agreement will constitute an acknowledgement and agreement that the user will comply with all terms, provisions, conditions, limitations, and restrictions embodied not only in the lease agreement, but also in the permit granted by the TCEQ.
  8. Amendments to the lease agreement may be necessary when changes are required to effectuate TCEQ policy.
  9. In the event of any conflict between the provisions of the lease agreement and the permit, the provisions of the permit (10107-01) shall control.


A.        Information to be provided

In order to provide the City the information necessary for selection, the person proposing to lease the land shall submit the following information:

1.         Term of the lease.       State the term of the lease. The lease shall not exceed five (5) years and may be in any lesser full year term.

2.         Compensation.            State the type and amount of compensation to be provided to or by either party .

3.         Irrigation equipment.  State the type of irrigation equipment to be used and whether the City has any responsibility for providing any part of the equipment.

            Currently, the City has a pivot system on this tract of land which utilizes the effluent water from wastewater holding ponds and there is an existing water well for additional irrigation.

4.         Person responsible for conducting or supervising the operation.  Include the name address, telephone number and a summary of the persons experience with general farming, alfalfa crops, and the operation of center pivot irrigation systems.

B.        Authorized signature

The proposal shall be signed.

C.        Submission of proposal

To be considered the proposal should be submitted to:

Betty Conde

City Treasurer/City Secretary

City of Lamesa

601 South First Street

Lamesa, Texas  79331

Submissions must be received by no later than 2:00 P.M., September 7, 2021. 


A.        Proposals will be reviewed by the City Council and a selection will be made on the basis of a combination of proven expertise and experience in the project field and ability to complete the project in a timely manner.

B.        The following criteria will generally be used in evaluating submitted proposals:

1.         Capability to perform most or all of the farming required pursuant to the growing of alfalfa.

2.         Recent experience comparable to the proposed activity.

3.         Reputation for personal and professional integrity and competence.

4.         Capability to meet schedules and deadlines.

5.         Degree of interest shown in undertaking the activity.

6.         Familiarity with the activity's potential problems and the City's special concerns with regard to the manner in which the activity is addressed.

7.         Financial considerations.

C.        It is anticipated that the City Council will make a selection at its regular meeting on September 7, 2021. The City Manager will negotiate a proposed contract with the person selected.


This request for proposal does not commit the City of Lamesa to award a contract or to pay any cost incurred as a result of preparing such a proposal.

The City of Lamesa reserves the right to accept or reject any or all proposals received in response to this request, to negotiate with all qualified respondents, or to cancel in part or in its entirety this request for proposal if it is in the best interest of the City of Lamesa.  The selection will, in part, be based upon the conditions most favorable to the City in terms of technical expertise and capabilities, with limited reliance upon City staff resources.

The City of Lamesa reserves the right to reject any or all proposals received and to conduct new selection procedures for this or future projects.